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Out of the Seats and Into the Streets


Pain knifed Ron Dotzler's heart when he saw the lifeless bodies of the next door neighbor girls inside the two small caskets.  Freckles smattered Carissa's face while Chloe's lips turned into the hint of a smile.  Red roses lined their sides and notes written in crayons rested on their blue print dresses. Their mother asked Ron to speak, yet what could he say?

Ron wanted to move back to the suburbs in 1993 after the murder of his daughters' friends. He could return to the lucrative field of engineering and forget about the problems plaguing the inner city. In the wee hours of the morning while flashlights bobbed outside his window from the crime scene investigation, Ron sensed God speak. He couldn't quit.

Out of the Seats and Into the Streets is the story of ABIDE, the non-profit organization Ron and his wife, Twany, founded in 1989. Putting a new spin on Jesus' commandment to love your neighbor, ABIDE strives to put the neighbor back into the hood by adopting one inner city neighborhood at a time.

Beautiful Church


How does today's church connect with an unchurched world? 

Do you long to see real conversion growth in your church?

Do you hunger to see disciples who reach lost people?

Beautiful Church: How Vibrant Churches Extend Beyond the Walls will empower you to:

  • Reach the unchurched.
  • Rethink church with the unchurched in mind.
  • And release the church to change the world. 

Beautiful Church guides leaders in training the church to get out of the seats and into the streets. Equipping the church with formational experiences - not more information - is key. Based on Ron Dotzler's years of experience from life in the inner city, Beautiful Church is the leader's guide to Out of the Seats and Into the Streets.

Levántate de tu Asiento y Conquista las Calles

Book Cover for Levantate de tu asiento y conquista las calles

Spanish version of Out of the Seats and into the Streets.

El dolor apuñaló mi corazón cuando vi los cuerpos sin vida en los dos féretros pequeños. Pecas cubrían la cara de Carissa y los labios de Chloe formaban una sonrisa, rosas rojas alineadas a los lados, notas escritas con crayolas estaban sobre sus vestidos azules, su mamá quería que yo hablara en el funeral, sin embargo, ¿qué podía decir? 

Ron quería regresar a la colonia residencial en 1993 después del asesinato de las amigas de sus hijas; pudo haber regresado al campo lucrativo de la ingeniería y olvidarse de los problemas que atormentaban las colonias marginadas. En las primeras horas de la madrugada, mientras las luces intermitentes de la investigación de la escena del crimen resplandecían en su ventana, Ron sintió a Dios hablándole. No podía renunciar. 

Levántate de tu Asiento y Conquista las Calles es la historia de ABIDE, la organización sin fines de lucro que Ron y su esposa, Twany, fundaron en 1989. Poniendo un nuevo enfoque en el mandamiento de Jesús de amar a nuestro prójimo, ABIDE procura poner a nuestros vecinos de las colonias marginadas como prioridad, adoptando una colonia a la vez.

Love Your Neighbor Box


This box has everything you need to love your neighbors.

With tips and reminders of how to connect with them relationally, care for them tangibly and call them into an amazing relationship with Jesus Christ through the local church.

The box includes a neighborhood map for you to fill out, flyers to invite your neighbors to grill outs, church and other community events, pamphlet giving you helpful ideas on loving your neighbors, magnets to keep information about your community and reminders to love your neighbors and so much more.

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