Out of the Seats Coaching focuses on how local churches can… 

  • Grow through Conversion Growth 
    • Engage and reach people far from Christ 
    • Assimilate new believers into the life of the church
  • Raise Disciples to Impact your City
    • Implement an experience-rich discipleship model 
    • Develop Compassion Ministry that effectively impacts your city  

This is done by focusing on and developing the ‘extending’ dimension of the church.  

The coaching process will address the systems, culture, staffing, and finances that increases your churches capacity to reach lost people and impact your city with the good news of Jesus Christ.  

There are three phases to this 12 month process:  Assessment, Planning, and Implementation  



Need help from a distance?  

You can work with a Out of the Seats expert over the phone where you can receive advice and fresh ideas to help your church reach lost people, disciple your congregation, assimilate guests and engage with the biggest areas of need within your city.

Workshops and Seminars


Does your staff need training on how to interact and reach out to the lost of your city?  Want to work together with a group of churches to make a Kingdom impact in your city? Bring in an Out of the Streets expert to help you.

Form your Congregation to be disciples of Christ rather than just informing them. Develop your church culture to receive guests and those far from Christ and help them stay and become vibrant disciples of Christ. Engage the community around your church. Create a citywide partnerships and movement to make a Kingdom impact.